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I have been involved in the fitness industry for 25 years, and have taught mind and body classes for 18 years.  I attended my first yoga class 18 years ago and was instantly hooked.  I love the space that yoga creates in both body and mind.  I completed my training in 2015 with Conrad Paul at the YMCA in Manchester, and have completed further training in Yin, meditation, kids yoga, baby yoga and massage, and yoga for trauma.

I'm really  excited to welcome you to Ulverston's only yoga studio, right in the heart of the town.  The studio is situated above JH Holmes, on New Market Street, on the second floor.  We offer a range of classes from Beginners,  Flow, Yin, Teens, Pregnancy, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, and Gentle Yoga.  There are also courses in Meditation. Look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Kylie Ward

North Star Complementary Therapies

Did you know before the modern age of radio, radar and satellite there was celestial navigation. Guiding your path using the sun, moon, planets and stars. There is one star navigators reliably find time and time again to get their bearings and set their course - the North Star! It is one of the brightest in the night sky and easiest to find.

Our lives today are so busy and hectic. We push our minds and bodies to their limits time and time again. We find we lose our way. Don’t always end up where we thought we should be. How does this tie in with complementary therapies? Well, it's times like this that I believe we should pause and take a moment for ourselves, to look for our own internal North Star and reset our course.

Take some time out in your day to relax and be kind to your body and your mind. Give yourself some quiet time and allow yourself space to find yourself again whether it be with Massage, Reiki, Reflexology or Aromatherapy. I believe complementary therapies play an important role in maintaining our sense of wellbeing. These therapies do not treat a symptom, they treat you as a person holistically, both your body, mind and soul.

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Holistic therapist

With over 20 years of experience in Holistic Health, I have studied extensively over the years in various types of Massage including Swedish, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Indian Head Massage.  My training then took me into the more metaphysical realms of Reiki Healing and Meditation.

Fascinated by the interconnected nature of the body and mind, I went on to train in Precision Reflexology, the Bowen Technique and more recently Systematic Kinesiology.

As well as these treatments I also offer Digestive Balances, Food Sensitivity Testing and Emotional Balances at the La Vida Yoga studio.

So if you would like a free consultation please call me on 07525 266743 or to see the full range of treatments I offer, to read client testimonials or to book online, please go to www.touchworks.org.uk

Having trained with one of the best schools in Seated Acupressure Massage, I now offer Onsite Massage in the corporate sector as part of the ever popular Workplace Wellbeing Programmes and Wellbeing Days.  To arrange a free no obligation trial in your workplace and to watch our video, please visit www.corporatemassages.co.uk



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Rachel Lightbird

Yoga Teacher

I teach a deep form of yoga which can be strong or gentle; flowing or stable;  fun or serious, depending on what is needed in the moment. Over time participants will increase their body awareness, flexiblity, strength,  stability and peace of mind.  Lots of options, so anyone can join in. I have been teaching for 18 years, and have been trained by John Friend, Shiva Rea, Brian Cooper Shri K Patthabi Jois and others. 

Katie Groves

Yoga Teacher

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I started practising yoga as a way to manage stress in my day job and after a realisation that my life had been stuck in a rut. I used to be pretty lazy to be honest and avoided physical activity through convincing myself I was too busy. I was so nervous before my first ever class but my lovely teacher put me at ease and by the time I had finished my first Savasana I was hooked.

Since that first class I have practised a range of styles and yoga really has opened up my world and changed my life for the better. I enjoy the physical focus and challenge of Asana but also the mental space, calmness and awareness that yoga brings.

I, like many people got into Yoga through physical Asana but since completing my 200 hour teacher training I am excited about exploring the other 7 limbs of yoga. 

My yoga journey has so far taken me from Barrow to Germany, Thailand and Morocco and back to Ulverston via Kendal. I have practised with the guidance of some amazing teachers and since Joanna opened the studio I have been a regular visitor. I love the calming friendly space at La Vida and I am so proud and excited to begin my teaching journey here.


  • Teacher Training course with Shiva Shakti and Proper Northern Yoga / Yoga Alliance (Hannah Glancy - Philosophy, Asana and Ethics / Minker Ching - Pranayama, Meditation and Adjustments / Laura Clare - Meditation and Chakras / Debbie Farrar - Philosophy, Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita / Amy Johnston - Anatomy) (200 hours)


Seonag Porter

I'm a native of California, and I  bring over fifteen years of experience teaching Pilates to the South Lakes area of Cumbria. I have taught in a variety of venues, including private Pilates studios, health clubs, physical therapy and holistic health clinics, universities and the corporate wellness sector. I also hold a specialisation in Pre/Post Natal Pilates. I teach POP Pilates, which is a fusion of music, strength, and choreography that takes classical Pilates to the next level. POP Pilates is like a dance on the mat! I also enjoy teaching my more traditional approach to Pilates Mat classes. My teaching style focuses on core strength and flexibility, proper alignment and execution of each move to help my clients achieve optimal well being. I am really excited to offer these classes at La Vida Yoga UK! 


Shannon Bielaczyc

I am a recent transplant from the East Coast of the US and I am excited to share my love of Pilates with the UK. I bring years of fitness experience to La Vida Yoga as a Pilates Teacher and Spinning Instructor. I am certified in the Eve Gentry technique to teach group Mat classes as well as Tower, Reformer, Chair and Arc classes. I love it all!

Pilates is a wonderful low impact form of exercise that keeps you strong, flexible and balanced...mind, body and soul. Along with the obvious fitness benefits of Pilates, I want to share the health benefits as well. I live with chronic health challenges and I know that my consistent Pilates routine is a big part of keeping me healthy and enjoying life.

I look forward to working with the clients at LA Vida Yoga and we go on this health and fitness journey together.


Sam Cotton

Hi, I’m Sam. I teach Hatha Yoga having graduated from 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Stretch Body Mind in September 2019.

I began practicing yoga in January 2018. Before my first class my yoga teacher told me that yoga is about listening to our own bodies and resting when we need to. I will never forget the joy I felt from being welcomed to class with the words ‘if you want to stop and lie down, that’s ok.’ I wish PE lessons at school had been more like that; but I was a teenager who loved books and hated her body, PE was never going to be my favourite subject! I’m so happy to have found yoga and learned that moving my body can feel like a celebration of what I can do, not a punishment for what I can’t.

What I love most about yoga is that when I practice it feels like coming home. Yoga meets us where we are the moment we start to practice and is always available. For me the beauty of yoga extends beyond the postures and relaxation (don’t get me wrong, my favourite part of class is savasana!) It has taught me that a sense of peace is only a breath away. Yoga has helped me to process trauma and I believe, helped me to heal faster because it gave me back control.

My classes offer a safe space to explore yoga, find what works for you, and experience the bliss of coming home to yourself. ‘Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel’ but yoga is a great place to start. When I teach I always remind my students: be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, listen to your body, you can trust yourself.


Aisha Roberts

I am a Yoga Alliance registered RYS 200-hour teacher.  I received my training through Yoga Journey with Leslie Glickman in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. I found yoga ten-years ago after the death of a loved one.  Yoga brought back peace to my mind, body and spirit. I believes that yoga can be life- changing when one is ready and open to connecting with their “authentic self.” I provides a safe and intentional practice to help others connect with their “authentic self” and find peace within


Helen Wilson


I started meditation and yoga in 2002, as a home practice and a way to manage stress and anxiety. In 2014 I began a daily practice of meditation, beginning with 10 minutes a day and increasing to 1 hour per day. I am passionate about mindfulness as it has completely changed my life and being able to share my knowledge and skill with others is a privilege. I have undertaken Action Research in Mindfulness, using Evidence Based approach and have additionally undertaken a recent Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme with the British Institute of Mindfulness. In addition to this, I am currently a Lecturer at the University of Cumbria and a registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As a Lecturer, creating a sense of excitement about nursing is something I feel extremely passionate about. I create an atmosphere in which students feel they can evolve and where they feel safe and at ease whatever their ability. Health and well-being is an area of education that I am extremely enthusiastic to teach and contribute to on a regular basis. As a teacher, I feel my role is to provide opportunities for all, regardless of ability, and to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Qualifications - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction PGCE Education PGC: Practice Development University of Cumbria Respiratory Assessment Asthma Management Safeguarding Facilitating Health Behaviour Change BSc: Child, Young Person and Family Studies University of Cumbria Dip HE: Nursing Studies St Martins College Professional Membership Nursing and Midwifery Council since 2005.

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Ann-Marie Binstead

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2003 when I went along to a local class. I was instantly hooked and started to attend classes regularly, feeling the benefits that practicing yoga brought into my life. As well as the physical benefits, I also felt a sense of confidence, calm and freedom, begin to filter into my busy life.

After trying out various ‘types’ of yoga, I felt that there was more to learn, and I needed to broaden my horizons, so in 2010 I attended a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Level 1. This sparked my curiosity, delving into the many layers, exploring the depths of this fascinating ancient practice. Feeling like I had only just scratched the surface, I decided to continue with my studies completing the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Level 2 in 2013.

During 2013 I travelled to India with Debbie Farrar and a group of fellow students exploring the roots of Yoga further. Whilst in India I attended the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, practising with many accredited teachers. Now Yoga was well and truly a part of my life, I was practising daily at home and attending several classes a week. In January 2017 I enrolled on Feel Now Yoga, Deep Foundation Course, completing a further 60 hours of training.

Whilst on this course I realised that to continue with my yoga journey the one door left for me to open was leading me to Teacher Training, so in September 2017, I began my Sensible Yoga Teacher Training Course, with the Independent Yoga Network, gaining my accredited diploma in December 2018.

I started teaching yoga locally, in July 2018, my classes start with body awareness & grounding, breathing techniques, joint mobility and move into mindful flowing postures, ending with relaxation & meditation. Allowing each unique individual to find space, freedom and peace in their body and mind.


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Ishwara has a background in athletics, football and art. Yoga & Meditation was embraced passionately in 1991 and a decade later began training intensively in the Sivananda & Satyananda yoga traditions. Leaving London to teach full time in the Lake District in 2002/3, Ishwara has since taught workshops & retreats across Europe, India and Bermuda as well as teaching yoga philosophy on TTC in Italy. Ishwara is passionate about the benefits of a regular Yoga practice which, when aligned to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, helps to maintain our body and mind in optimal conditions of vitality and inner peace. Ishwara is an advocate of Yoga which is one of is also proven to be a useful tool that helps in unlocking the vast potential of the self to overcome difficulties, achieve happiness and life goals. Ishwara is a practicing Thai Yoga Massage therapist and is currently studying clinical nutrition and life coaching.

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Helen Braithwaite

“My name is Helen and I’m a 200hr Sun Power Yoga Teacher visiting from Leicester! I worked in mainstream education for over 12 years as a secondary teacher before leaving to set up my own business. The yoga that I teach blends 3 types: Hatha (movement with the breath), Ashtanga (to build internal heat) and Iyengar (for correct alignment in postures). My sessions are emotionally or physically themed depending on the season and student needs. All abilities and ages are welcome, I can modify postures for beginners and vary them if you want a challenge!